Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is often reffered to as website optimization which is a series of techniques that are used to improve your website listing in search results for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. Recent surveys show that more than 85% of the internet users use search engines to find necessary services, products or relavant information.

Getting a higher ranking in the search engine is not accidental. Search engines score websites based on a number of factors and it is very important to know what the factors are and what can be done to get a good score in order to get a higher ranking.

At MaxBiz, we can help you with our knowledge and expertise to achieve your business goals. Whether you operate in very competitive markets or specific niches, we can implement SEO techniques and strategies that work to increase your site's visibility. Our step by step SEO process include:

  • Keyword Analysis and Selection – Help you find the keywords and key phrases that best describe your business and website
  • On-site Optimization – Review your website content and incorporate the keywords to the text and links on your website
  • Copywriting – Write content for your website that contain keywords, is easy to read and is search engine friendly
  • Off-site Optimization – Analyze link popularity and Work on link building to increase your site's visibility and credibility with the search engines
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Programs – Plan an effective advertising campaign with you to get the best Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Frequent Updates – Discuss progress with you as your business develops to ensure you get the desired results from SEO and revise techniques when necessary.

Contact us today to discuss what you would like to achieve and your budget for SEO. We will customize a SEO implementation plan that suit your needs and budget.