MaxBiz Terms

Definition of Terms:

  • MaxBiz - Short form of MaxBiz Web Solutions
  • Client - Entity (individual or business) which enters into a contract with MaxBiz
  • Domain - Root address of your website, e.g.
  • Host - Company on whose web server Client's website physically resides
  • Hyperlink - A web link (URL) embedded on a web page in the form of text or graphic
  • Project Specification - The agreement between the Client and MaxBiz that defines the project work

1. Project Work and Payment:

1.1 Completion of Project Work - MaxBiz warrants completion of project work in accordance with the standard terms and conditions and the Project Specification. MaxBiz reserves the right change or refuse extended project specifications and charge extra.
1.2 Supply of Materials - The Client must supply all information and materials required for MaxBiz to complete the work in accordance with Project Specification. If the client fails to provide such content on time, MaxBiz reserves the right to extend deadlines of the project and charge extra. In the event of delay by more than 30 days, MaxBiz may terminate the contract and invoice for any work done.
1.3 Appeptance of Work - The Client will be notified upon completion of Project Work or part of Project Work. The Client will have 2 weeks (14 days) to review the project work and raise any work issue that may lead to rejection of Project Work or part of Project Work. MaxBiz will assume the Project Work been approved if no work issue is raised with in 14 days of completion.
1.4 Rejection of Work - The Client may only reject work if it does not meet the Project Specification. If MaxBiz believes that the Client is unfairly rejecting work that does meet the Project Specification then MaxBiz reserves the right to terminate the contract.
1.5 Fee Payable - Fee schedule will be detailed in the Project Specification and any payments due upon project completion will be subject to acceptance or rejection of Project Work or part of Project Work.
1.6 Overdue Payment - If payment is not received by the due date, MaxBiz has the right to charge interest on the invoiced amount. The rate of interest will be 29% on annual basis. In such scenario, MaxBiz may suspend ongoing project Work and/or revoke Client’s right to the completed work and/or remove Project Work from the Host until overdue payment has been received in full.
1.7 Maintenance Fees - Unless otherwise agreed, MaxBiz may charge for maintenance at the rate of $70 per hour with a minimum charge of half hour. No charges will be invoiced without prior consent.